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Our purpose

Our manifesto

We are as optimistic...

Today as we were years ago when the Talan adventure began. An adventure built on friendship, our differences and the desire to work together. We cherish and promote these values of trust and humanity internally, thanks to our collective ambition and share them with our clients and our entire ecosystem. 

We are optimistic...

Because, alongside our customers, we are the manufacturers of the new digital world of today and tomorrow. It is up to us, together, to ensure that the transformative potential of technology is harnessed for the emancipation and development of everyone, for a better life in society.

We are optimistic...

Because we know that tomorrow we can always do better. We do this every day, with a sense of responsibility.

Our Purpose

By truly embracing a humanist approach to technology, we believe we can make the next digital age an era of progress for all.

Together, let's commit.

Our 4 commitments

The making of