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Patrice Bégay join Talan Group

Patrice Bégay will be joining us at the beginning of January as Executive Vice President Communication, Development and Marketing of the Talan Group. He will be a member of the Group's Strategy and Executive Committees.


The Talan Group announces the acquisition of Dataroots, a Belgian company, recognized for its expertise in artificial intelligence, data engineering and the design, strategy and implementation of next-generation data platforms.

The communities at Talan: Together, let's develop our expertise to contribute to the transformation of our clients

Talan's Communities were created in 2021 by committed employees who wanted to "move the lines" on a certain number of themes: know-how, business practices, technologies or... societal causes.

What synthetic data generators mean for data protection laws

Author: Dr Helena CANEVER (from the Talan Research Centre)


The value of global data market is estimated to be worth  $271.83 billion and the average annual growth of the volume of data creation is estimated at 40%. Such a dynamic environment presents opportunities and...

Meet our Talan's : Fouzia MOUSSAOUI & Emmanuel JACKSON

Fouzia Moussaoui and Emmanuel Jackson are RPA consultant and developer at Talan. Watch their testimony on video.

Meet with one of our consultants at Talan Canada, Freddy KHALIL

In this interview, Freddy Khalil tells us his experience as a consultant at Talan.

Meeting with Khouloud Neili, consultant at Talan Luxembourg

In this interview, Khouloud Neili tells us about her experience as a developer at Talan.

Meet Fatima Ezzahra Founoune, consultant at Talan Luxembourg

In this interview, Fatima Ezzahra Founoune tells us about her experience as a Java consultant at Talan.

Meet with one of our consultants: Jagjit SAGGU

In this testimony, Jagit Saggu tells us about his experience as a consultant at Talan in Canada!

CSR: what are the conditions for the CFO to remain the control tower in the company?

Analysis, management, decision support: the CFO has always been the main contact for the general management to guide the company's strategy. Will it be able to maintain this role in the era of societal and environmental issues? Yes, under certain conditions.