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Interview with Ibrahim El Haouat, consultant at Talan Solutions

Ibrahim works at Talan since 2017. Today, he also works as a technical functional consultant for a railway company. Discover his journey !

What is your background ? 

After graduating from high school in Morocco, I spent my higher education in France. After my BTS diploma in IT services for organizations, I followed a work-study program to become an engineer.  

I started in the IT department of a large purchasing office. This is where I discovered decision-making tools such as QlikView, Qlik sense, Talend or Board

 I then carried out a mission for the Caisse des Dépôts. This experience has enabled me to increase my skills in decision-making tools such as Power BI or SAP BO. 

 It was at this moment that I met Talan consultants who give me the desire  to join the company. I applied to an offer for a decision-making consultant position and joined Talan in 2017. 


What are your current tasks? 

 I have several roles at Talan Solutions.  My main mission consists in being a technical-functional consultant.  

I mainly work for a large railway company. On the one hand, I work on technical tools such as Power BI, and, on the other hand, on the functional part by identifying the client’s needs with the business team. 

 My other mission is to assist my manager by answering calls for tenders, by managing the recruitment and training part. 

During the Covid-19 period, I joined this new project  while everyone was remote working. It was a real challenge to exchange only through Teams.  

At the client, I am part of a team of 5 people where I have two main missions. First, I manage the relationship with the client (I lead workshops, I  get the business needs).  

Then I develop tables on Power BI. I make presentations to the business then provide training on decision-making IT to facilitate decision-making. 


Would you have three words to introduce Talan? 


With my managers, there is a real relationship of trust. When I am working on a project, they know they can trust me. Trust is also at the core of relationship with the client.  


I think first and foremost about the diversity of projects. Since I have been at Talan, I have also worked with a wide variety of tools. But there is also the diversity of clients and sectors: transport, energy, banking, etc.  

Lastly, it is the diversity of employees. The profiles are varied and complementary. This diversity nourishes and enriches me, and that’s important. 


 Since I joined Talan, I have had two managers, first in Lyon and then in Paris. I have developed very good relationship with both of them.  

In Paris, my manager really wants me to evolve. From the start, I told him I wanted to work on the management side as well. As a result, he integrated me into the tenders, training and recruitment. It is a real opportunity to work in a friendly atmosphere 


What is your playground at Talan? 

 When I am on assignment with a client, it is important for me to be able to meet their needs and thereby convey a positive image of Talan.  

My other playground is data: I work on its source up to its final use

For example, on the project I’m currently working, we start with data from the sensors of the trains that we rework. Then, we create a new database and visual dashboards to facilitate our customer's decision-making. 

Witch each new mission, the business context and tools are different, so I must  adapt. To do this, I do a lot  of technology watch and I regularly attend new training courses.  

Today, many of our clients use the Agile Method. Here again, you must know how to adapt. 


Do you have a strong memory of Talan? 

Our last seminar in Porto was, for me, an opportunity to meet Talan’s teams and to establish real friendships with them. There was a family atmosphere, with no hierarchical differences.  

Since then, for example, I am on first-name terms with  our General Manager and we regularly share coffee together.  

During this team building, we did activities together that helped create bonds and a very strong sense of belonging. 


Who inspires you the most? 

My grandfather who passed away  a few years ago, remains a great source of inspiration for his strength, wisdom, and his open-mindedness.  

From a very young age, he pushed me to discover new things. All his life he has helped me to surpass myself and leave my comfort zone. For all this, I am grateful. 

Talan also taught me many things. When I arrived in 2017, I was a bit shy and had a hard time reaching out to others. Since then, I have evolved, and I have also progressed on the technical part.  

Talan is a source of inspiration because  the company makes its employees grow.