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Meet Herve Mbonjo, Market Risk Analyst at Talan UK

Discover this interview from one our consultants from Talan UK.

Can you present your career in a few lines ?

My name is Herve Mbonjo, 31 years old, I studied in Paris and have a Master Degree in Statistics and IT Engineering for Finance. I’m currently a mid-level Market Risk Analyst, with 5 years experience, previously and currently in the banking sector. As a market risk analyst, I’m specialized in Interest Rates, FX and Credit risk and metrics such as VaR, SVaR, IRC, StressTests and Greeks, with a solid background on excel, VBA and Python.


What are the different projects you are working on at Talan ?

Since I joined Talan I’ve have been working as a Market Risk Analyst Consultant in a bank since Jan-2022 where I have been responsible of:

  • Delivering on a daily basis all the trading desks Market Risk Reports as Business As Usual (BAU).
  • In the scope of risk data migration to a new engine, build an automated tool to extract data and create new VaR and SVaR reports.
  • Maintain and improve the Market Risk framework
  • Improving all reporting tools based on VBA and Python


What 3 words would you use to introduce Talan ?

  • Growth: Talan is permanently growing and creating new partnership with new clients worldwide.
  • Support: Talan account managers really care about their consultants and are always looking to find solutions for you when you are in need of help.
  • Human: Managers are available are keen to listen what consultants have to say.


What has been your most memorable moment at Talan UK ?

So many memorable moments, but if I could only choose one it would be when after my first year spent as a consultant, I had to renegotiate my contract and for that occasion I had to meet with the new London Office manager, and at the meeting he showed appreciation to my work and re-evaluated my net annual salary to a higher amount, with a promise that if the relation with the client kept on going that well, the salary would be increased again the next year. After that meeting, I definitely felt that I was at the good place to work.


Who inspires you most in life ? Why ?

Hard working people, for their dedication and perseverance.