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Talan UK achieves Nintex Premier Level Partner Status

With 2 years of experience as a Nintex Certified Partner, Talan becomes one of three partners in the UK with the Premier Partner level.

The past two years have shown how fundamental process automation is for companies’ adaptability. The pandemic challenged their operations with an urgent demand for unchartered virtual processes across departments. Yet, Talan proved that in the face of adversity laid an opportunity: to show companies how to automate their processes using fewer resources.  

How did they do this? Through their partnership with Nintex and growing expertise. For the past two years, Talan has worked closely with Nintex to demonstrate their process mapping, workflow/ forms, and robotic process automation expertise. 

This month this collaboration paid off and Talan became one of three partners in the UK to reach premier partner-level status, the highest partnership available for the editor, due to their work with the software integrator based on their work/experience with the Nintex Process Platform. 

This platform is what makes Nintex the global standard for process management and automation. It makes it easy to manage, automate, and optimize business processes witheasy-to-implement tools.The Nintex partner program allows companies to access over 330 partners, worldwide which makes finding and selecting a Nintex Partner a powerful touch of added value for your business. 

According to Benoit Ouziel, Executive Director at Talan UK, this partnership level upgrade “demonstrates Talan’s expertise and delivery capacity of our RPA & Smart Automation offer. The match between Talan’s skillset and Nintex’s products has and will continue to provide numerous benefits to the digitalization of our clients.”   

Talan’s RPA & Smart Automation offer, much like Nintex’s mission, focuses on improving organizational efficiency and relieving employees of heavy, time-consuming, repetitive activities that are difficult to carry out remotely. Talan proposes a unique, four-step procedure to identify eligible processes and boost company benefits. With a quick implementation time of two-to-six weeks depending on the complexity of the process.

To learn more about Talan’s RPA & Smart Automation Offer, visit our dedicated page.