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Testimony of Jean-Frédéric Castanier, Activity Manager Infrastructure & Modern Workplace

Jean-Frédéric Castanier, previously at Ai3, talks about his career, his missions at Talan and a strong memory.


Can you present your course in a few lines?

After graduating with a DUT in Telecoms and Network Technology and studying engineering in Alsace, I was able to join IT consulting companies specialising in Microsoft technologies. Today, I am Infrastructure & Modern Workplace Manager at Talan.


What was your background before arriving at Talan?

I first worked for a digital services company specialising in Microsoft technologies. I discovered the world of consulting and Microsoft technologies in the broad sense. After 5 years there, I then joined Ai3, which was also a pure player. Then Ai3 joined Talan where I now have a technical activity and where I am also the reference person for Microsoft technologies. I started in Paris and now work at the agency in Aix-en-Provence.


What are your current tasks?

My current missions are structured around three pillars:

  • architecture and infrastructure: I work with a wide variety of customers on security issues, on changes to the information system or on taking into account new employee integration processes.
  • Office 365 architecture: I have more than 12 years of experience in Microsoft 365 and Cloud technologies and I work in the messaging and security part.
  • management: I manage the development of different business units. I am responsible for staffing the associated resources, recovering needs and mutual assistance between agencies. This mutual assistance is one of our greatest assets today. I work a lot with all the Talan agencies on advanced technical missions.

With our customers, the relationship of trust is essential and I try to build it from the beginning. They need to understand that they can rely on us and that we will co-build projects with them. This allows real efficiency in the work. Finally, it is about building trust, thanks to our skills and expertise.


Would you have 3 words to introduce Talan?

  • Big: a group of more than 3,000 people is "big"! There are different areas of activity and skills. Thanks to her expertise in both technology and consulting, Talan addresses a wide range of subjects, which allows me to go beyond my “technical” hat.
  • Family: I found a very strong human dimension in Talan. There are not necessarily hierarchical barriers. Our “superiors” are accessible. You can contact them directly via Teams and you also have no hesitation in taking news from employees. It was a lot at Ai3 and I am very happy to see this human side again today at Talan. 
  • Evolutionary: there are very strong possibilities for development at Talan at all levels: technical, human or relational. This is a major strength for Talan. 


Recently integrated into Talan, what do you hope to do with your Ai3 experience? 

I know that Talan has multi-technology and multi-sector expertise. I bring my Microsoft expertise, an area where Talan did not necessarily have in-house skills. 


At Talan, what's your playground? And how do you explore it?

My playground is my passion for technology. That's what characterises me and that's where I "pop" the most. To develop it, I would like to exchange much more with other enthusiasts and technical experts in the company. This is starting to happen, I have already participated in several exchanges with people who have the same or even higher level of skills. It allows me to develop…


Are there particular technologies that you are passionate about or are they technologies in the broad sense?

These are technologies in the broad sense. In addition to my skills, I am passionate about the entire technological ecosystem. It was Microsoft technologies that enabled me to be where I am today. But these technologies have also allowed me to take an approach to other areas such as home automation, automation and even graphic design.


Do you have a strong memory related to Talan?

I am thinking of the “Tour de France” of the members of the Talan Executive Committee who came to meet the employees in the agencies. I thought it was great. This allowed me to meet and share with our leaders. This meeting was very simple: I particularly enjoyed it. It was a great state of mind.


Which person inspires you the most? 

Internally, I am very inspired by Gérard Barbosa, Managing Director of Talan Solutions. He made a really good impression on me when he came. His roadmap is very clear. On a personal level, I have always had a lot of admiration for Bill Gates. My passion for technology comes from him.