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To better support its customers, Talan creates new centres of excellence in Warsaw (Poland) AND Querétaro (Mexico)

When companies decide to go international, relocate or externalize their operations and services, there are many parameters to consider in their outsourcing strategy. At Talan we have adapted our processes to remain competitive in our talent attraction strategy and to continue enhancing the partnership with our clients.

“It is not the strongest species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the most responsive to change” - Charles Darwin

Over 20 years ago, when the service and operation centralisation models had a booming, the main driver considered for the relocation was the labour arbitrage / cost.

At that time, large companies moved operations and services to Asia, mainly to India.

Many of them faced headwinds with those offshore locations such as long distance, time zone, high people turnover,  data protection rules mainly in Europe, within many others.

Some others preferred to keep services around their premises, at onshore.

From a few years to now, the trend has been to nearshore those services within the same continent, where the labour arbitrage is an important driver but not the unique nor the most important one.

On top of the usual decision driver for relocation (like similar time zone, language skills, good infrastructure for communication, recognized universities, government support and incentives, to name a few), companies are keen to attract the right talent.

There is a high demand in all countries for similar skills about technology; like data scientists, solution architects, back to front developers, Devops, Scrum Masters, etc.

Trying to find those skills and expertise at a competitive cost focusing only on the same location, where the company is based, is becoming an impossible mission.

Accelerated by COVID, clients are much more opened to accept remote working for their employees and external co-workers (consultants)

At Talan, we strongly believe on a right-shoring strategy for our clients by offering the best mix of onshore, nearshore and offshore teams with the objective to attract and provide talent at a competitive cost and with an outstanding service quality.

Following this strategy, at Talan we have reinforced the locations of our Centres of Excellences by opening this month a new office in Warsaw (Poland) and in Querétaro (Mexico) complementing the services already provided by our CoE in Málaga, Spain.

These centres create a corridor for talent attraction. At Talan, we do not have limits to attract  and relocate talents from all over the world to these Centres of Excellences.

These 3 CoEs (Málaga, Warsaw and Querétaro) add further capabilities and locations to the existent ones in Tunisia, Luxembourg, Mauritius and Peru.

Our CoEs are enablers for boosting the technology and transformation services we already provide in 16 countries and 4 continents with the help of over 5.000 professionals.


Our ambition is to help our international clients based locally while complementing the digital and data services we already have for our European clients at the Talan CoE in Málaga, Spain.

Our modern and centric offices are located at the Marszalkowska Centre in Warsaw.


Our aim is to help our global clients located there, as well as being the nearshore location for the Americas.

Our modern and centric offices are located in Jurica, Querétaro.


For further information, do not hesitate to contact :

Pablo Alifano ( )  General Manager of Spain, Poland and Mexico. Email: