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Talan has opened a new office in Toronto.


“Ladies and gentlemen, we interrupt your daily program to announce that Talan Americas has opened a new office in Toronto, Canada! Our special reporter, Deborah Clark, also HR at Talan Americas, is onsite to interview the CEO of Talan Americas, Fayna Lionet.”

Deborah Clark :  Good morning Fayna! You just opened a new office in Toronto, congratulations! How do feel about that?

Fayna Lionet : Well Deborah, I'm glad you asked. I'm so proud of this new opening. We are eager to develop Talan in Canada and with this new office we have a total of 17 consultants in Canada since its creation in 2013.

Deborah Clark : I met a part of the Canada team in Montreal, they are really nice! Can you talk about your Canada team to our readers?

Fayna Lionet : They are all high level professionals and very nice people indeed! The whole team is pretty much involved in the development of the company through candidate interviews, career fairs, and coordination with clients and mentoring in the organization, which is really great to see.

Deborah Clark : What's next?

Fayna Lionet : The objective is to continue to grow in Canada, specifically in Montreal and Toronto. We want to reinforce our presence in the finance arena. We are also looking to the future with the development of Talan Americas towards other expertise areas such as Talan Solutions or other industries such as energy and telecoms. We just need to meet the right people to make it happen.