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Talan supports the “Un enfant, des sourires” Association

In recent years, Talan has been one of the official “partners” of the NGO “Un enfant, des sourires” based in Ariana, Tunisia.


Created in 2011, the association "Un enfant, des sourires", based in Ariana, Tunisia, aims to help disadvantaged children. Thanks to the generosity of its donors and the commitment of its members, the association creates libraries in schools located in the most inaccessible regions of the country. Its aim is to offer schoolchildren reading spaces, joyful and friendly, with enough resources for them to dream and explore their creativity…

Based on the principle that "Knowing how to read is knowing how to raise yourself", "A child, smiles" has already created more than ten libraries, the latest of which is located in Damous El Hajja, in the delegation of Menzel Bouzelfa. She said: "As well as a well-stocked library of books, tales, dictionaries and educational games, this beautiful place offers a cultural space where all schoolchildren, from pre-school to 6th grade, can wake up to reading, arts and creativity. It is also a screening room with a small amphitheatre inside this versatile room. "

In recent years, Talan has been one of the NGO's official "partners"... A good opportunity for employees to get involved. According to Wael Ben Youssef, who is one of the association's contacts at Talan: "Un enfant, des sourires" has two main types of action, always in the context of education and culture. First of all, it helps the schools that it has selected at the time of the new school year by providing all the necessary supplies and books. Then, it finances renovations: either the whole school, or a few classes, but each time with a library project as common thread. It is more on this type of initiative that we are mobilising: this may be through the collection of books or educational games but also through more concrete actions. Thus, we do not hesitate to travel to deliver what we have collected and participate in the inaugurations. Two years ago, for example, we hired buses and Talan employees were able to celebrate the opening of a new library. Another time, the school was in a really inaccessible border area. We had to find pick-ups to get there and deliver the supplies. ” 

The association is already working on creating a reading room at a school in Aïn Drahem. The NGO should also soon launch “The Village Program”, which is more ambitious and much broader in its action. Nice projects that Talan will certainly support!