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Talan, a NINTEX partner

Improve your workflows with Nintex Promapp

Nintex Promapp is a groundbreaking software that allows you to manage your processes perfectly. This tool allows users to transform complex documents into readable and interactive maps that everyone can understand.

Get ahead of the curve with this fantastic solution.

Managing your processes has never been this simple.

Nintex Promapp is a process management and automation software that improves how you work thanks to easy-to-use tools for visual management, rapid automation and continuous optimisation of business processes and workflows.

Increase a team’s productivity with a comprehensive view of all your processes : 

One of the several advantages that come with the usage of this software is gains in productivity. Indeed, the ability to control processes in real-time permits you to exploit the potential of your business units fully, increasing their individual and collective output drastically. The software has set new standards for process mapping and process visibility. Managers can benefit from utilising this product by reducing the amount of time required to analyse operations and determine the areas of the supply chain that need improvement. 

Significantly improve your ISO procedures: 

Furthermore, the usage of this tool can allow companies to obtain ISO qualifications faster. This certification significantly increases a company's credibility and is fundamental in developing a business. Besides, audits can be realised more swiftly, and results are obtained more efficiently.

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About Nintex :

With over 500 employees and a rapidly growing valuation, Nintex has established itself as one of the leading companies in business process management. The company was founded in 2006 in Australia and has not stopped renovating itself ever since. Nowadays, the firm is present in over 90 countries on five continents. Its proprietary business process management software integrates with enterprise services platforms, including SharePoint, Office 365, Salesforce and Google Drive. Moreover, the company has partnered with a significant part of the technology sector's giants: Adobe, Box, Dropbox, Microsoft and Salesforce. One of Microsoft's most proficient partners, Nintex was recognised by the latter when they were selected finalists for the Microsoft Partner of the Year Awards in the Office and SharePoint App Development category. 


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