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Talan and Ubiant announce a strategic partnership to reinvent big cities with digital twinning

Talan and Ubiant are developing digital twin solutions that accelerate full process digitisation, multidimensional forecasting and real-time action within buildings and territories.

Low code: winning with RPA, and beyond…

RPA, Robotic Process Automation, and especially Smart Automation, are gaining from advances in another technology: Low Code, which as its name suggests makes it possible to design applications with as little programming as possible, and thus to automate more easily. But well...

Automating customer relations... to re-humanise them?

The proposition has all the trappings of an organisational paradox: should the stages of customer communication be automated to make them more user-friendly? Against all appearances and intuition, the answer may be yes... Using RPA applications.

Testimony of Jean-Frédéric Castanier, Activity Manager Infrastructure & Modern Workplace

Jean-Frédéric Castanier, previously at Ai3, talks about his career, his missions at Talan and a strong memory.

The 3 keys to opening an RPA project

RPA, Robotic Process Automation, is one of the new technologies now irrigating many companies, driven by the digital transformation. It paves the way for major competitiveness gains by releasing employees from tasks with low added value. And yet, it remains relatively...

Testimony of Hichem Houissa, Project Director at Talan Solutions

In this employee testimonial, Hichem Houissa looks back on his career, his daily life as a Project Director and his missions at Talan.

Talan UK signs partnership agreement with Powell Software in the UK

Talan is strengthening its dedicated offer in the UK with a new partnership programme with Powell UK

Artificial intelligence at the service of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Discover an inspiring overview of the use of artificial intelligence by sector to help companies transform their activities and join a virtuous circle.

Interview with Alexandre Thiery, Data Advisory Team Manager/Data Project Manager

Alexandre Thiery, who has been with Talan for 6 years, looks back on his career!

Talan joins the partner program MuleSoft

Talan joins the MuleSoft Partner program

With over 10 years of experience as a Salesforce partner, Talan is now strengthening its dedicated offer and developing possibilities by becoming a MuleSoft partner.