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  • We believe that Blockchain & DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) technologies will impact all sectors and companies.
  • We are committed to find the solutions that fits your requirements: Ethereum, Hyperledger, Corda, Tendermint, IOTA... for each project, we will benchmark and select most suited one for our client. 
  • We strongly believe in delivery in the form of Digital Factory with fast and iterative roll-outs. Creating a POC without going live is only going though half of the learning process!

Our Projects

  • Support our clients' strategy on Distributed Ledger Technologies
  • Define requirement and choose the most suitable solution from the products on the market, deliver and manage the project up to production
  • Communicate and share: train, organise meetings, blog articles, present, conferences
  • Anticipate technological developments

The Future is a playfield


French bank

  • Raising awareness of the agile approach to the business lines through the organization in framing workshops 
  • Contribution to the definition of the technical and application architecture of POCs and MVPs
  • Contribution to the design, development and testing
  • Contribution to the transfer of relays to the teams responsible for iterations after the MVPs
  • R&D actions on emerging technologies 

French bank

  • Contribution to a blockchain & DLT whitepaper
  • Co-construction of the technical production architecture (with Consortium partners)
  • Drafting of Non-Functional Requirements
  • Extensive studies on Zero-Knowledge Proof solutions, Self-Sovereign ID, and partial data disclosures
  • Co-construction of the Consortium's governance model

Talan Coin

  • Creation of a virtual currency based on blockchain, allowing exchanges and conversion of TalanCoins
  • Making the money melt: unused funds are reinjected into the common pot
  • Development of Blockchain expertise: training of developers, but also architects