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Interview with Alexandre Thiery, Data Advisory Team Manager/Data Project Manager

Alexandre Thiery, who has been with Talan for 6 years, looks back on his career!


Can you present your course in a few lines?

After graduating from business school, I joined a first digital services company in 2012, with which I conducted AMOA missions on data subjects in the energy sector. Then I was co-opted by a former colleague and joined the Talan Solutions adventure in 2015. Today, I support our customers in their data projects on a wide variety of subjects: project management, Agile training, implementation of a data governance strategy. Since January 2019, I have also been a manager in the Data Advisory division. 

What are your current tasks? 

I have just completed a 2-year assignment with a leading mortgage collateral specialist. I supported the Risk department in its project to overhaul the internal credit risk rating model. I started with coaching to deploy an agile ‘Scrum’ framework and then led the team as a Scrum Master. 

This first stage of Agile Transformation has made it possible to drastically reduce the time between the expression of the need and the delivery of the functionalities, while improving quality thanks to the intervention of the testers from the design phases. The first step was to train the different teams (business teams and development teams). Then, as a Scrum Master, I was in charge of team leadership: organisation of the various Agile ceremonies, support for developers, the link with the rest of the organisation to highlight the work provided by the teams. At the same time, I supported the Chief Data Officer in the deployment of a data dictionary (data glossary) and a data quality control report. It was a very rich mission to highlight Talan's expertise. 

My expertise is quite extensive but mainly concerns BI and Data AMOA in the broad sense, with a focus on implementing data governance at the customer level and Agility. 


3 words to introduce Talan? 

  • Proximity: Since I join Talan, I have been supported by managers who were approachable, caring and above all committed to helping employees grow and develop. 
  • Accelerator: An important training system exists with training courses such as "Graines de Talan" which support employees in their skills development while promoting synergies between the different entities of the Group. 
  • Team spirit: Whether in teams, our customers or in Talan communities of practice, team spirit is everywhere.  For example, with my fellow managers, we organise ourselves according to each person's constraints. 


At Talan, what is your playground?

I have several playgrounds at Talan. As a manager, I participate in recruitment activities within the Data Advisory Division. I also contribute to the creation of content and commercial offers. Finally, I manage a small team of 4 consultants. 

In the field of management, I would say that the health situation has required adaptation. It’s all about being mindful of the state of mind employees are in and making sure they are in good working conditions while providing guidance on dealing with complex situations. Efforts must also be made to maintain the link between and with employees, in particular by relaying the messages of the management, informing them of the training systems and offering them the opportunity to share their know-how within the Talan communities. 

Another field of play concerns the field of Data and Agility. Data is now at the centre of organisations’ concerns: whether it is to comply with new regulatory requirements, offer new services or even develop a competitive advantage using data. Whatever the use case, companies must constantly adapt to changes that are often unexpected. This is where agility comes into its own. The aim is to adapt to change rather than follow a predefined plan. It also highlights human interactions and collaboration rather than monitoring already predefined processes. These are key success factors for data projects, the aim of which is to share data with as many people as possible within the company and thus break traditional silos.


A strong memory at Talan?

This is my participation in the Course du Cœur in 2018. It is a 750-kilometre relay race between Paris and Bourg-Saint-Maurice to support organ donation. It was a great sporting and supportive moment with lots of great encounters.