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Interview with Caroline Muraire, Senior Consultant at Talan Solutions

Discover Caroline Muraire’s employee testimonial about her career and her duties as a Senior Consultant at Talan Solutions.


Can you tell us about your background ?

I trained in economics and statistics and specialised in data mining and data science. I started in a small ESN as a data miner and then very quickly became a project manager.

I joined Talan 3 years ago where I led various projects, particularly in the transport and energy sectors where I was in charge of a team of Scrum Masters. During my first exchanges with Talan, I particularly appreciated the interest shown in what I wanted to do in practice. At Talan, you find a real company life, which is not always obvious when you are a consultant and you work with clients. In the end, this is exactly what I wanted: the feeling of belonging to the company I work for.


What are your assignments ?

Last year, I managed projects in the energy sector. Recently, I've been responding to calls for tender and, in parallel, I've been organising work groups to facilitate the Scrum Master and Scrum Product Owner certifications and to give energy to the team. I am creating the content for these groups and the first workshops should take place soon. The aim is to learn and reflect together. I have also just started an assignment for the Ministry of Justice.


Do you have 3 words to present Talan ?

Team spirit

At Talan, the network is created through the missions. Missions with important Talan devices allow us to create professional and friendly links. People know each other and keep in touch, even when they leave on different assignments. When I need help, I don't hesitate to contact colleagues who are on other assignments; I always get an answer from them. You can feel the team spirit and mutual support on a daily basis.



In my business unit, we used to have 'meet-ups', which have been replaced by working groups. It's more dynamic and interactive. It allows us to exchange ideas and keep in touch. Otherwise, in normal times, there are also evenings and weekends that allow us to create links. It's always very friendly and warm.



It is important to have managers who ensure the well-being of their employees. In fact, last year, after the first lockdown, Talan sent us several questionnaires to find out how we were experiencing this particular period. This illustrates the notion of care.

At Talan, the managers take care of the teams and the various employees.


What is your playground at Talan ?

My playground is delivery, with data science as a common thread. I was lucky enough to carry out several assignments in this field, which allowed me to perfect my skills. The training aspect is also important. At Talan, we have the opportunity to follow quality, interesting training courses that are always adapted to our needs.


A strong memory at Talan ?

I think of our Team Building in Portugal with Talan Solutions: a friendly weekend with a very good atmosphere. This kind of moment is an opportunity to discuss and get to know colleagues you don't often meet, all in a different context.