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Interview with Julien Lanchas, Cloud & Hybrid Services Consultant at Talan Solutions

Discover Julien Lanchas’ employee testimonial about his career and assignments as a Cloud & Hybrid Services Consultant at Talan Solutions.


Can you present your course in a few lines ?

After a master’s degree in in computer science, I started in a company focused on Microsoft solutions. I stayed there for two year and a half  and I  had the opportunity to touch a bit of everything.

I then joined Ai3 where I became a consultant in the Modern Workplace team.

The “Modern Workplace” concerns everything that revolves around the adoption of new uses in the collaborator’s work environment: from the messaging system to his or her workstation. It consists of managing the user part but also everything related to the back end, which is much less visible.

Since Ai3 joined Talan, we have expanded our client base and diversified our missions. It's a real opportunity.


What are your current tasks ?

Currently, I am on a long-term mission for a large luxury company. I’m helping the client in creating projects and deploying new services on Office 365, including Power BI.

The big topic now is the implementation of Power Plateform. This includes four Microsoft solutions: Power BI, Power Apps, Power PLCs and Power Virtual Agent. It is a modernization dynamic whose objective is to give the user the power to automate email flows or create his own small application.

Before that, I was dealing more with short, dynamic assignments. And in these cases, there may be stronger time constraints that push us to go beyond the present moment, but we do not see the life cycle of the solution that we are implementing.

At Talan, there is this possibility of having missions that resemble us and much more freedom to choose them.


Have you been affected by the health crisis ?

No, I had projects underway with clients who were able to continue because they had imperatives. Working from home was a real change: in fact, in fact it rarely happened to me until then! 

For me, teleworking is very positive. The only drawback is the lack of social interaction, particularly with clients.  But there is a real time saving (especially in terms of transport).


Would you have 3 words to introduce Talan ?

Ambitious :

Through everything I saw at Talan, I would say ambitious. Since our integration, the objectives we have become even more ambitious.


Versatile :

Because there is this desire to go on many technologies, whereas before we were just on Microsoft solutions. This corresponds to the Talan group's desire to cover all its customers' needs.


Individual Development : In my team, I am supported to "grow" and increase my skills. I am invited to certify myself and to participate in interesting meetings and conferences.

All this gives the feeling of evolving and always being up to date on the latest technological developments.


Recently integrated into Talan, what do you hope to bring to it with your experience ?

First, I think I will bring my expertise to the Microsoft part and my area of expertise: messaging, cloud, security and the Office 365 part. On all these subjects, I feel comfortable giving feedback to the collaborators who join us. There is also what I can bring simply as a person.

At Ai3, there was genuine mutual assistance and a mantra: "there are no stupid questions". Around us, there are competent collaborators in all the teams. This spirit of mutual aid and collaboration is truly precious.


What is your playground ?

My playground is new products, new uses and new solutions.  I adapt very well to the novelty. This is what I am currently doing on a mission, working with new products. In the team, I am one of the only people working on their implementation.


A strong memory at Talan ?

I would say that my strongest memory is the way all Talan managers got involved in the Ai3   integration process. They took time to follow it and explain it.

At Talan, there is a real desire to help everyone find their place. It is very valuable.


Who inspires you the most ?

The clients I work with inspire me a lot from a human point of view. I always listen when I meet new people and new clients.

 As a consultant, I meet many of them, they each have different stories, visions and experiences. This sometimes challenges my positions from a professional and personal point of view.

But it always makes me grow.