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PASàPAS group joins Talan

Talan, an innovation and technology transformation consultancy, is pleased to announce that the PASàPAS group is joining it as part of its 2024 ambition strategy. The PASàPAS group, the French leader in SAP solutions, has nearly 400 expert consultants in the field of ERP. The aim of this operation is to provide the customers of the two companies, SMEs, mid-caps and large groups with all the richness and diversity of their expertise with very complementary offers.

PASàPAS backing the Talan group will enable PASàPAS to accelerate its development in France and internationally by keeping its brand and creating synergies with the 4,000 employees that the Talan group will have at the end of 2021. Thanks to its complementary geographical locations, the Talan group will strengthen its territorial network to address all its expertise to its customers and become one of the leaders in SAP support. Indeed, PASàPAS offers complete coverage of SAP issues through 4 business lines: outsourcing, consulting and integration, support and maintenance, data and business intelligence.

“This great industrial project is part of our 2024 ambition plan in which we plan in particular to be the leader in supporting SAP solutions. PASàPAS has high-level expertise, complementary to that of Talan, which will allow us to expand our playfield and realise our ambitions to become a key player in SAP solutions, covering all our customers’ needs. Beyond our complementarities, we have found within the PASàPAS group the sharing of human values dear to our group’s DNA such as solidarity, integrity, excellence, humility, empathy and energy,” says Mehdi Houas, CEO of the Talan group.

“We are delighted to be able to support the Talan group with which we share common human values and a strong development ambition. The complementarity of our expertise and our offers will increase our potential in order to address our expertise in SAP solutions and in the Cloud and Data fields. The multi-faceted expertise of the 3,000 current employees of the Talan group is a major asset in meeting the needs of our customers undergoing transformation, both in France and internationally,” says Jeroen Bent, co-founder of PASàPAS.

“The arrival of PASàPAS within the Talan group is excellent news for our customers of all sizes operating in all industries. I am delighted to see a player like Talan strengthen their skills, expertise and know-how around SAP technologies and solutions. Mehdi Houas thus allows its group to position itself as best as possible in a very strong growth market. Strongly rooted in the French economic fabric, PAS àPAS and Talan share this constant concern to provide their customers with real added value, a guarantee of all their successes,” explains Gérald Karsenti, President of SAP France.



SAP’s preferred partner, the PAS à PAS Group brings together PASàPAS, Dunette, KPF SI and Projexia. Its purpose is to enable companies to unlock their development potential through the transformation of their Information System.
The Group has more than 400 employees based in Paris, Bernay, Lyon, Lille, Nantes, Bordeaux, Toulouse, London and Montreal.
PASàPAS, the Group’s main entity, supports the transformation and improves the operational efficiency of its customers’ SAP information system through its 4 activities: outsourcing, consulting and integration, maintenance and support, data and analytics.
PASàPAS undertakes to deliver a premium level of service thanks to the expertise of its consultants and the level of partnership