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Phytolis: automating event organisation thanks to the Dynamics 365 Marketing application

How the implementation of the Dynamics 365 marketing application enabled Phytolis to automate its event marketing operations.

Snapshot of the mission:

  • Year: 2019
  • Country: Switzerland and France
  • Sector: Health/Pharmacy (Distribution of natural food supplements)
  • Client: Phytolis (Groupe PiLeJe)
  • Type of mission: Implementation of the Dynamics 365 Marketing application

Context and challenges: developing and securing the organisation of marketing events

A subsidiary of the PiLeJe group, Phytolis specialises in the distribution of natural food supplements in Switzerland. To promote its products, the company organises training and conferences for several thousand healthcare professionals from Romandie, German-speaking Switzerland and Italian Switzerland.

In 2019, Phytolis called on Talan to implement the Marketing component of Dynamics 365. For the company, the objective was to increase its influence by organising more events and by addressing new medical or paramedical professions (pharmacists, naturopaths, physiotherapists, etc.).

The mission: implementation of the Marketing application (Dynamics 365)

A recent application but perfectly compatible with the ecosystem in place

Before this mission, Talan had already worked at Phytolis to implement Sales, another application in the Dynamics 365 universe. Launched in 2018 by Microsoft, the Marketing application seemed to be the solution best suited to Phytolis’ needs and the most consistent with the ecosystem already in place.

Workshops to adjust the tool to the needs of the businesses

During the second half of 2019, the Talan teams organised user workshops to adapt the tool to the needs of the businesses. To ensure quick access, unnecessary functionalities were removed and users were supported until they acquired sufficient control of the tool.


Results: automated marketing events managed from a single tool

Two years after the implementation of the Marketing application, the benefits obtained by Phytolis are considerable.

Multiplication of events and expansion of the network of specifiers

Phytolis has multiplied by six the number of events organised and expanded its database of specifiers by addressing new professions in the medical or paramedical world.

Modernisation of email campaigns and satisfaction surveys

Thanks to the graphic possibilities of the Marketing application, Phytolis has replaced the sending of traditional emails with attractive and engaging email campaigns. From now on, the company is also able to conduct large-scale satisfaction surveys.

Management of registrations and waiting lists

The Marketing component of Dynamics 365 enabled Phytolis to organise reminder campaigns, easily manage withdrawals and automatically update waiting lists.

Updating the database

Phytolis now has a database updated in real time. When a healthcare professional registers for an event, the tool compares the form fields with the data already saved in the database. In the event of a discrepancy between an address or a telephone number, simply click to update the data.

Better service and greater responsiveness

Phytolis’ marketing teams are now able to quickly find all the training courses in which the same person has participated and to draw up the appropriate certificates and certifications. 

New avenues for improvement

The use of the Marketing component suggests almost infinite possibilities for perfecting customer pathways and organising more targeted campaigns.


“The implementation of Marketing has enabled us to automate the most time-consuming tasks to refocus on the relationship with our specifiers. Thanks to this tool, we are more creative in our work. Whether organising campaigns or analysing customer pathways, the possibilities are endless. ”

Anne Broussard, events manager


Key success factors:

  • Dynamics 365 expertise: thanks to its expertise in Dynamics 365, Talan was able to support Phytolis in the implementation of the new Marketing brick, launched by Microsoft just one year before the start of the mission.
  • Customer support: the Talan teams took the time to understand Phytolis’ needs to adapt the tool to the needs of the businesses. They also organised a series of workshops to ensure that users took ownership of the tool.