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Talan creates TalanConsulting

TalanConsulting is the Consulting Unit of Talan.

TalanConsulting is the Consulting Unit of Talan, which is organized around sector referent directors in transportation and logistics, telecommunication, market finance, insurance and the public sector. Cereza Conseil and Asset Alpha, Talan subsidiaries, join this new entity.

Dominique Masutti, Associate Director of Talan and former President of Cereza Conseil, is appointed at the head of TalanConsulting. This new entity integrates IT operational consulting with Talan's business expertise. It is strengthened by Cereza Conseil's (business and IT Consulting in the transportation and logistics sector) and Asset Alpha's (business and IT consulting in asset management) expertise.

 With TalanConsulting, Talan can provide companies' executives with a complete digital transformation offer based on our 4 complementary activities: consulting (TalanConsulting), solutions (TalanSolutions), technological development (TalanLabs) and operational support.” says Mehdi Houas, President of Talan.

According to Dominique Masutti, CEO of TalanConsulting, the creation of TalanConsulting enhances Talan's capacity to offer a complete, rigorous, and innovative approach, beginning with the definition of a vision on to its application. In addition, I am convinced that TalanConsulting will attract new candidates who don't know Talan yet.”.


TalanConsulting rallies 120 consultants and aims to develop its business in other sectors such as energy and banking. To achieve this goal, 30 consultants will be hired in 2017.

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