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Talan wins ANDRH Green HRD award

Providing an operational response to mobility issues, the MonEmpreinteCarbone by Talan application won the Green 2021 HRD prize organised by ANDRH.

Talan is proud to have won the HRD Green award organised by the ANDRH (a French National Association of HRDs).  With a very ambitious CSR strategy that places the role of the HRD at the centre of its deployment as well as all the departments of the group's entities, Talan aspires to be an exemplary player in the coming years both in social and environmental aspects. Among the concrete tools that illustrate this strategy, the MonEmpreinteCarbone by Talan application provides an operational response to mobility issues. It is a digital and fun solution based on a scientific approach that makes it possible to measure - and therefore reduce - the carbon footprint of employees on their "home-to-work" journeys.

The ANDRH Digital HRD award is a benchmark event within the HR and digital ecosystem. The aim is to highlight innovation, inclusion and CSR topics.

The MonEmpreinteCarbone (aka My Carbon Footprint) by Talan application is a participatory mechanism, aimed at optimising the carbon footprint of Talan employees’ commuting, by monitoring individual carbon emissions. This type of travel represents 42% of the Talan group’s carbon emissions. The originality of this solution lies in gamification: employees have access to what their peers consume and can thus meet the challenge of having an even smaller carbon footprint. The objective is for employees to opt for the use of alternative transport.

This application is also a real research project around the levers that contribute to reducing the carbon footprint in companies. The experimental and innovative approach of the project has been validated thanks to a partnership between the Talan Research and Innovation Centre and the University of Bordeaux and the University of Rochelle.

MonEmpreinteCarbone  by Talan is fully in line with the structuring of the Talan group's CSR approach, managed by the Organisation and Human Resources Department.

During an initial pilot phase for 150 employees, initial results showed significant progress. At the same time, 75% of the members of the Talan Executive Committee switched to alternative modes of transport (bicycles, etc.). In the coming weeks, the application will be rolled out to all 4,000 group employees. On the other hand, in the short term and depending on the results, it is planned to offer this application free of charge to the group's customers in order to contribute massively alongside them to reducing the carbon footprint of companies on mobility issues.

"I am proud that our MonEmpreinteCarbone by Talan application has won the HRD Green award. It is fully in line with our commitments and our reason for being "We believe that only a humanist practice of technology will make the new digital age an era of progress for all". This application also contributes to deploying our CSR strategy co-constructed with all our stakeholders. I welcome the relentless commitment of the Talan teams to responsible and committed digital technology,” says Nicolas Récapet, Director of Organisation and Human Resources of the Talan group.