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We were at the world’s largest Ethereum Hackathon!

Imen Ayari, one of the team's members, tells us about this fantastic adventure!


Talan was at the world's largest Ethereum Hackathon, held in Waterloo, Canada from October 13 to 15.

Over 300 young developers having various backgrounds (students, startups and university professors etc) joined this event.

Only eight teams were selected for their useful tools and published their contributions during the event.

Some were startups having their own products with new features.

hackathon-ethereum-talanHoussen, Mohamed and Imen : our great team !

We had the opportunity to present our contribution in front of a jury including Vitalik, Founder of Ethereum!

This event was a big adventure for us. We challenged to enter the automotive industry which is not disrupted by blockchain yet. Using our own mechanical design, we succeeded to decentralize the road safety authority and to apply our new prevention and educational system: the car gives advices to the driver for the secure drive and even takes the control for extreme situations.

In fact, there is a process in the automotive industry to reduce car accidents : new proposals for road safety rule are presented by several organizations such as the government, NGO and civic organizations etc. After the validation by the consortium, new proposal is applied to the road safety rule. It means that, this time Talan challenged to propose our own unique solution to the road safety rule.

Sensors will be deployed all over the road to send signals to the computer of the connected car, and the signals received by the car will be injected to the blockchain that will trigger warnings if some rules are violated.

talan-ethereum-blockchainImen, ready to rock after a couple of hours of good sleep !

talan-blockchain-ethereumAt the final ceremony