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Low carbon and ecological transition

Ecological transition: sustainable offers for a committed approach towards new opportunities.

In response to the climate emergency described in the latest IPCC report, by conviction or necessity, the ecological transition and the low-carbon approach are no longer options. More than ever, your employees, customers, candidates, suppliers and investors are looking for strong commitments to serve a future that is more respectful of our planet, whatever your sector of activity.


Beyond meeting your financial, compliance (Paris Agreements, Pacte Law, ISO 26000 standards, UN sustainable development goals, etc.), competitiveness and attractiveness challenges, at Talan we are convinced that the ecological transition of organisations is a source of new opportunities :

  • Restoring meaning to your activity and that of your employees
  • Inventing, creating, innovating: everything needs to be built
  • Rethinking your business models with more virtuous approaches
  • Obtaining new, greener sources of financing
  • Remaining competitive and attractive: an ambitious, consistent and realistic low-carbon approach will be a differentiating factor for your clients, candidates and investors

Talan supports you in your transformation towards a low-carbon future across three objectives: 1 : greenhouse gases emitted directly by your organisation, 2 : indirect and energy-related emissions and 3 : all other indirect emissions. Our methodology relies on multidisciplinary experts (technologies, methodologies, business lines, sectors) to support you in creating and deploying your own innovative solutions adapted to the needs of your business lines and the specificities of your organisation.


Our mission: to support you at every stage of your ecological transition

Do you want to initiate high-impact actions? Have you identified many isolated actions in your organisation and want to give them overall consistency and scale? Are you convinced that it is time to rethink your strategy with more virtuous models (financing, production, etc.)?

Whatever your level of maturity, our teams of experts are at your disposal to help you define and deploy your low-carbon strategy.

Raising awareness and training your teams

Our teams support you in implementing concrete actions to raise awareness and get your employees on board:


  • Discover climate issues 
  • Decipher the effects of individual and collective actions
  • Understand the possibilities of actions at company level

Some examples of missions: seminars to discover climate challenges, climate training, acculturation and training on low-carbon digital issues, development of application to assess the GHG (greenhouse gases) impacts of activities, etc.

Our concrete achievements:

Measure, understand and report your impacts

Our teams support you in implementing concrete actions to raise awareness and get your employees on board:


  • Capture information (internal/external data), model it and store it
  • Produce analyses and reports for internal and external use
  • Measure the effects of actions 

Some examples of missions: implementation of a data visualisation of the carbon footprint of your company and your ecosystem, support for the definition and implementation of your extra-financial communication, data intelligence missions (low-carbon data repository, impact simulation, etc.).


Our concrete achievements:

Transform your current processes and organisational models

Thanks to the combination of our business, technology and sector expertise, our experts support you at each stage of your transformation by relying on 5 pillars:


  • Your zero-carbon ambitions: assessment of the maturity of your organisation, objectives, awareness-raising, definition of the operating model
  • Technology: IT roadmap, data intelligence, infrastructure, technology partners
  • Regulatory obligations: applicable regulations and anticipation scenarios
  • Finance: financial modelling of the net-zero transition
  • Governance: define the impact of the net-zero transition on existing governance, including external parties

Our concrete achievements:

Do you want to receive support in your low-carbon transition?

Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your transformation projects. Please complete the form, giving the best details of your project so that you can be put in touch with the right person.

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