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My life as a Business Development Manager, my assignments at Talan Consulting UK by Joe Jassal

Research & Innovation Centre - Business Report 2022

Research is a central element of our strategy, enabling us to achieve this objective by understanding the complex problems we face today, developing new ideas and putting them into practice to provide sustainable solutions. This is why we attach great importance to environmental...

Talan Group appoints Hélène Kyriakakis CEO Talan Americas to drive growth and strategic development in North America

The Talan Group is pleased to announce the appointment of Hélène Kyriakakis as CEO Talan Americas. In this new role, Hélène Kyriakakis will be responsible for positioning Talan as a premium brand in Canada, the United States and Mexico, and for promoting the Group's high...

In conversation with Skander A., Tech for Business Manager @Talan

Talan is an excellent company where it is great to work, focused on the well-being of its employees. I encourage all young individuals and those seeking new perspectives to join us and develop their careers with us.

My life as a consultant, my assignments at Talan UK, by Ines Costa Dobarro

I have been working in the financial sector for 3 years, mostly on quantitative, analytics and data science topics. Since last year, I joined a bank in London developing trading applications to assist and develop the credit and rates businesses.

Unlocking the Power of Data: Navigating Compliance and Maximizing Value in Wealth & Asset Management

The volume of data in the banking industry is immense. With the digital transformation characterized by the proliferation of digital banking services, online transactions, digitization of contractual relationships combined with the growing and evolving expectations of customers,...


Discover his interview about his career, his job and his path in the company.

My life as a Talent Acquisition Specialist, my assignments at Talan, by Charline Brenot

Discover the testimony of Charline, her projects and journey at Talan.

My life as a consultant, my assignments, by Sandra Piginaite

In this testimony, Sandra Piginaite shares with us her experience at Talan.

Does ChatGPT spell the end of humanity?

This technology is not new, given that the building blocks for it were invented many years ago, notably by Google. What makes it controversial is that it has recently become available to everyone and that it can generate good quality texts in one minute.