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Interview with Alexis Michon, D365 CRM Expert & RPA Activity Manager at Talan in Nantes

Discover the journey of Alexis Michon, a CRM expert and RPA Manager at Talan in Nantes.


What is your background ?

I graduated from SUPINFO, a generalist school that allowed me to tackle the infrastructure part, the solution part as well as development. For my end of studies internship 7 years ago, I joined Ai3 and I stayed there.  I was immediately asked to be versatile, which was not necessarily required elsewhere.

I started working on development projects and then moved on to CRM. For a few years now, I have also been in charge of the RPA (Robotic Process Automation) offer for the North-West region (Nantes and Rennes agencies).

I am able to accompany our customers on the different phases of a project: from the framing and collection of needs (and therefore the costing of the project) to the implementation and coordination of the teams. My mission straddles the line between CRM and RPA.


What are your current missions ?

I am on several missions, first of all those concerning the expertise of customers on the CRM part. I also participate in the animation of the CRM team and the development of the offer. I am also in charge of the RPA offer and teams.

In addition, I support the sales team in the search for new customers, new projects and in pre-sales.

On the CRM side, we won a big project. On this one, I am also in charge of the "business analyst" part. It's about making the link between the customer's needs, the product and the implementation teams. I materialize the customer's needs and I check that they are in line with the product. Finally, I coordinate the teams for the realization.


3 words to present Talan ?

Human :

Talan is a large transformation and innovation consulting firm, but it remains human in scale. You can find all types of profiles here.

Proximity :

There is a real proximity between the teams at Talan, which is very appreciable. Of course, Talan offers us a new dimension. At the time of Ai3, we were only in the Microsoft universe. Now, we're opening up to other technologies with the same objective: to position ourselves as experts.

Conviviality :

At Talan, the DNA of friendliness and benevolence is very prevalent. This manifests itself in all the little things the company does for us. When we joined Talan, there was a race scheduled.  We all received shirts to represent Talan. And despite the crisis at Covid, we manage to plan little moments of conviviality and sharing. Even though, in Nantes, we've gone from an agency of 25 people to 80. We've kept a real sense of closeness.


What do you bring to Talan from your experience at Ai3 ?

We brought our knowledge of the Microsoft ecosystem and our expertise on these subjects, especially on the Dynamics part.  This also includes the Microsoft monitoring and events part, not to mention the consulting part with our customers.

At Talan, the organization is a little different. We create many synergies with all the different teams.  On the CRM side, I was a bit alone in my activities at Ai3. With the arrival of Talan, I realize that there is a lot of potential to exploit with the data teams and the consulting teams. 

At Ai3, we used to work on projects of a different size, with small and medium-sized companies that were very demanding of our expertise and consulting. So we hope to be able to provide that too.


At Talan, what is your playground and how do you develop it ?

My playgrounds are CRM and RPA. Right now, both are in one team. I am constantly developing these playgrounds. Already through the historical partnership we have with Microsoft. I rely on it a lot to try to develop new offerings. Then, thanks to Talan's references and its larger size, we are able to reach other customers.

Today, we're trying to set up teams on CRM and RPA in order to be part of the ecosystem in the region. We have hired specialists to help us develop this technology. I feel like an entrepreneur within Talan, relying on Philippe, my manager, to arbitrate and support the directions taken.


A strong memory related to Talan ?

I'm thinking of a call for tenders that we answered when we had just joined Talan. It was an important CRM project and at the time, I was still alone in Nantes on this part. I really wanted to position ourselves.

My manager gave me the go-ahead and we contacted the dedicated team in Paris. I immediately understood that the project was going to take on another dimension. We got to know each other and we worked together for a month and a half to produce a response that was up to the task.

There were 2 of us in Nantes, 3 in Paris and we had to face major players in the region. We finally won the project! Our perfect complementarity allowed us to win. It was great.


Which person inspires you the most ?

There are several people who inspire me. I spontaneously think of Philippe, our agency manager. Thanks to his experience, he "pulls us up" and helps us to take a step back. He also knows how to move the lines when necessary so that the ground is conducive to the development of our teams.