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Interview with Céline Maraud, Senior Consultant at Talan Consulting

Discover the interview of Céline Maraud, Senior Consultant at Talan Consulting.


What is your background ?

I've been working in the public transportation sector for over 6 years. I started in the field of ticketing with a major player in the French transportation industry. I then joined a consulting firm specialized in the sector before joining Talan in the transportation and mobility team. In addition to ticketing, I developed my other skills such as SAEIV (passenger information operation support system). Today, I am a senior consultant in transportation and mobility.

At the moment, I am supporting a major player in the rail transport industry on an on-board video protection project. Before that, I accompanied a consulting company specialized in transport on its projects, as I accompanied the renewal of a passenger information system for a transport network in the south of France.

I also worked on the specifications for the digital strategy of a large transport company in North Africa. Finally, I also worked on the deployment of ticketing and SAEIV equipment for a large bus company.


How did you live the confinement ?

During the whole confinement, I was at home all the time. Today, I am one to three days at the office and the rest of the time at home. I started my first assignment at Talan just before the lockdown. All interactions with my client were by phone and that didn't stop me from building a very good relationship with him. In fact, despite this complicated context, I was renewed several times.


3 words to define Talan ?


Talan is a company that is growing, developing and hiring.  That was the first thing I noticed when I arrived. I joined the group to develop Talan's transport business in the South East.


Since I joined Talan, I've noticed that the managers and directors are always encouraging. They congratulate when things are going well. I find them benevolent. Benevolence is a quality I discovered at Talan that I really appreciate.


At Talan, we are constantly encouraged and pushed to excel. We are encouraged to work and everything is done to make us enjoy our assignments. A lot of attention is paid to the teams.


What is your playground ?

My playground and my main field of activity are transportation. When I joined Talan, I was given the opportunity to expand it. In the past, I felt very confined to my ticketing missions. At Talan, I have the opportunity to carry out other assignments (still in the transportation field). I can also increase my skills.  My manager was working in other sectors, particularly in the field of video surveillance and I seized the opportunity to develop in these areas.

I also took several training courses, including one on public speaking, very soon after I joined. I really appreciate it because I didn't have the opportunity to train in my previous experiences. At Talan, not only can we access training but we are really encouraged to take it.


Do you have a strong memory at Talan ?

Yes, the first assignment I did when I arrived at Talan is a very strong memory. It was supposed to last 3 months but ended up being extended while I was away. It was very confining and the pace was intense. My regional team manager wrote to me to congratulate me. He told me that I had done a good job, especially in this difficult environment. His encouragement was very good for me. I have a very good memory of it.


Who is the person who inspires you the most ?

One of my former clients, a ticketing manager at the SNCF, inspires me a lot. She was brilliant in a very technical world. She worked in the marketing department after an experience in the information systems department. She really knew how to use and apply her technical knowledge and could manage different projects while interacting with all the teams. I admire her ability and ease to move from one subject to another, her skills and her interpersonal skills. She was able to impose herself in an environment of men.